• Toolkit for the Future - A Parede

    A Toolkit for the Future - A Parede

  • Toolkit for the Future - The Anthropocene Body

    Toolkit for the Future - The Anthropocene Body

  • Toolkit for the Future - Fermentour

    Toolkit for the Future - Fermentour

  • Toolkit for the Future - Satellogy: A map for future use

    Toolkit for the Future - Satellogy: A map for future use

  • Hybrid Bodies - Maria Dada and Gareth Foote

  • Online Citizenship Manifesto Workshop

  • Arcade East Open Sesame

    Open Sesame - Charlotte Maeva Perret

  • The Anthropocene Body

    The Anthropocene Body - Nestor Pestana and Deborah Tchoudjinoff

  • Who are the Savs

    Who are the Savs? - Alex Noble

Arcade East Sustainability and Innovation Season

Events Programme |

Arcade East, London College of Fashion’s new project space, was developed to host a themed season of events and installations with a focus on digital practice and innovation each summer as part of a new LCF Arts Programme. Most projects are developed in conjunction with a new interdisciplinary space, the Digital Learning Lab, which operates at the intersection between traditional and digital practice for design, making and ideation.

This summer’s programme focused on Sustainability and Innovation. Ranging from Toolkit for the Future, a day of speculative design workshops in collaboration with the V&A’s The Future Starts Here exhibition programme, to a series of events during the London Design Festival in September including Open Sesame, an installation by 2017 Fashion Space Gallery Design resident Charlotte Maeva Perret.


A Toolkit for the Future

30 June, 12 – 6pm

A Toolkit for the Future – was a conference at the V&A followed by day of speculative design workshops at LCF’s project space Arcade East. The project was curated in collaboration with the V&A’s The Future Starts Here exhibition curator Mariana Pestana. The workshop day acted as the starting point for the summer season of exploratory workshops and speculative installations and discussions by artists, designers and students around the theme of Sustainability and Innovation at Arcade East.


Hybrid Bodies workshop

13 August 2018

Hybrid Bodies, a workshop by LCF Researchers Maria Dada and Gareth Foote, set out to explore the ways digital technologies manifest themselves in relation to bodies and their economic or bio-economic sustainability in an attempt to speculate on potential applications and transgressions.


Re-making the Web Workshop

16 & 17 Aug 2018, 10am-1pm or 4pm-7pm

A workshop by Feminist Internet and Wrkwrkwrk collective. Feminist Internet want to create a more open, inclusive and understanding conversation around feminism and the internet. For the internet to truly be a feminist space, we need to hear from diverse voices – cooperation and collaboration is the key to success! This workshop encouraged members of the public to identify and express the values they feel are central to creating a fairer and more equal internet. Their views will be translated into their own, co-created online citizenship manifestos.


Creative Lab – Costume / Dance / Technology

In partnership with East London Dance

3-8 September

Creative Lab brought together a select group of costume designers, choreographers and creative technologists to investigate how physical computing, mixed and virtual reality and e-textiles can inform practice when combined with dance and choreography. The 6 day intensive programme started with presentations, workshops and experimentation in the Digital Learning Lab and Arcade East spaces at Mare Street, participants then formed smaller groups to develop their ideas further with the help of our workshop leaders and presented these publicly on the afternoon of 8 September.

Open Sesame

10-13 September

OPEN SESAME: Exercises in entrepreneurship a body of work developed by artist CMP OFFICE c/o Charlotte-Maëva Perret during the Fashion Space Gallery design residency programme 2017. Her practice is concerned with global cycles of production, precarious economies and man’s relation to materiality. OPEN SESAME was an exhibition exploring the invisible languages of resistance, non-hierarchical and subversive ways of making, publishing and consuming.

We also held an ‘In conversation with Charlotte-Maëva Perret and Mariana Pestana’. Charlotte and Mariana, curator of The Future Starts Here at the V&A, where they discussed post industrial landscapes in relation to consumerism, entrpreneurship and mass production.



Dear love affair

11 September, 7-9pm

In this workshop, Luke Stevens explored auto-generative methods of critique and poetic modes of resistance present within the translation and permutation of digital fashion images into text. Participants explored methods of co-authorship, collaboration and conflict between human, image, algorithm and text; transforming existing fashion advertisements into alternative narratives.

The Anthropocene Body

14 September, 3-9pm

Fashion Space Gallery’s 2018 Designers in Residence Nestor Pestana and Deborah Tchoudjinoff have been exploring the subject of fashion and sustainability in the age of the Anthropocene, exploring the possibilities of linking fashion and biotechnology. Visitors were invited to visualise simulations of your microbial plume through an immersive installation, alongside prototypes of fashion artefacts that embody personality archetypes of a speculative scenario exploring the microbial plume and its possible cultural interactions.


Who are the Savs?

15 September, 3-9pm

Alex Noble explored potential environmental futures and Sustainable Fashion Goals through a film and sound installation, collaging historical, current and created footage and sound to paint the landscape of our current climate and a dystopian future that is not too dis similar to our past and present.