• Suspended Power| Digital Installation|

    Suspended Power| Digital Installation| Photo taken Katy Davies

  • Suspended Power| Exhibition

    Suspended Power| Exhibition| Photo taken Katy Davies

  • Suspended Power| Dance and digital

    Suspended Power| Dance and digital| Photo taken Katy Davies

  • Suspended Power| Video performance|

    Suspended Power| Video Installation| Photo taken Katy Davies

  • Suspended Power| Lecture| Photo taken Katy Davies

  • Suspended Power| Performance|

    Suspended Power| Performance| Photo taken Katy Davies

  • Suspended Power| Panel discussion

    Suspended Power| Panel discussion| Photo taken Katy Davies

Suspended Power by Hervisions

Exhibition, moving image, performances, lecture and panel discussion |

15 – 17 August

A three day programme of events devised by Hervisions, which included durational performances, conversations and a showcase, forming part of Arcade East’s 2019 Design and Politics season.

Suspended Power presented video works by artists Morehshin Allahyari, Roxman Gatt, Jazmin Morris, Lea Porsager as well as performance events by Agf Hydra, Freya Edmondes, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Sabrina Mumtaz and Last Years Interesting Negro & Rowdy SS. Through technology-based works and encounters, Suspended Power addressed different ways of broadcasting the constraints of marginalised groups of people tackling liminal spaces juxtaposed by invisible forces and powers within relational aesthetics, social sculpture, and sonic journalism.

A mix of established and emerging artists, the works addressed the suspension of borders and trad systems of power, allowing for space to be reclaimed and redefined – ultimately providing a platform for new activism through networks of practice.

Through installation, moving image, performance, and a panel discussion the three day takeover brought together international artists to advocate for a diversified representation of identities across digital platforms.

Hervisions is a femme-focussed platform founded by Zaiba Jabbar that supports and promotes new media artists working at the intersection of art, technology and culture.


15-17 August 2019

Moreshin Allahyari – ‘Yajooj Ma’Joo’ from her ongoing series She Who Sees The Unknown

Roxman Gatt – ‘Could have been a Hollywood Movie Ending’

Jazmin Morris – ‘Collection of OBJs’

Lea Porsager – ‘Horny Vacuum’

Agf HYDRA with Claudia Rafael and Moritz Tontsch – HYDRA face filter technology


15 August 2019

Elvin Brandhi – ‘Hybridise Syntax’
A live-streamed performance between Elvin Brandhi, Rhéa Dhally and Ok Freya that engaged the topic of virtual borders. Hybridise Syntax performance created a temporal exo-community, in which a group of people prevented from meeting can exert mutual influence.


Agf Hydra – ‘HYDRA Phygital Programme Suspended Power Extract’
Wearing a OCULUS headset, the viewer was guided by the artist into a meditative exploration of the HYDRA digital landscape through physical inputs such as: nurturing massage + breathing exercises + tactile exploration of the digital space.


16 August 2019

Cibelle Cavalli Bastos
The artist explored Liminal identity/reality, coded biases, forced digital labor via instrumentalized empathy and the importance of deprogramming an intra-political and nano-political action in a stream of consciousness (non)performance in conjunction with AR / VR as a political process / convergence / possibility or even like a liminal re-inscription of subjectivity.


Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan – Socio-Parasitology Manifesto
The Socio-Parasitology Manifesto compared migrants to parasites. The manifesto presented through a performance, sound samples and moving image her lecture a reaction to how immigrants are seen pejoratively in the British media redefining terms like “parasite” in a favourable light.


17 August 2019,

Panel Discussion
Repurposing the pejorative language digital colonisation through the democratisation of new methods of broadcasting.

Participating artists Agf HYDRA, Sabrina Munmtaz Hasan, Cibelle, Jazmin Morris, moderated by Hervisions curator Zaiba Jabbar.


17 August 2019

Last Years Interesting Negro (LYIN) & Rowdy SS – ‘Fury1’
LYIN and Rowdy SS navigated space together through live simultaneous practices of live responsive sonic manipulation and dance. Collapsing time and working with the simultaneous presence of past-future-now; for you and for us in different ways at the same time.