Performance, Art Installation and Panel Discussion |

Thursday 22 August 

7 -10pm

An evening curated by MARICUMBIA with live performances, installations of illustrations, film screenings and DJ sets from QTBIPOC artists based in the UK and South America/Abya Yala.

Abya Yala: The continent, that includes all of the America’s from the far north, central, south, Caribbean and pacific islands. Other definitions include: ‘ripe earth’/’flowering land’/’land in its full maturity’

Pacha Marica was part of Arcade East’s Design and Politics Season 2019.



7pm Doors and El Tuma DJ Set

7.45pm  XANA Performance

8pm Exhibition open

8.30pm El Tuma DJ Set

9.30 – 10pm Drinks and dance


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This space was be held for the voices and work of QTIBPOC artists and their personal relationship with the earth and the natural world. As an alternative response to the Extinction Rebellions action on Waterloo Bridge in April 2019, PACHA MARICA intended to embolden the voices of queer people of colour who’s narratives and experiences around the issues of climate change often go unheard of or are erased.

The evening opened up with a durational DJ set from El Tuma bringing an ambient soundscape inspired by electronic responses to the natural world from the global south. Video installations from a collaborative project by The Bonita Chola, & Adriana Guzman, drawing connections to the homeland (Abya Yala), ancestry, and reclamation of space – joining between the diaspora and territory, between London UK, and La Paz, Bolivia.

A large illustration piece by BLKMOODYBOI celebrated their connection with the natural world through body positive representations of black people, imagining new worlds with femmeness and softness. Speaking to the importance of self care and compassion. With a performance from XANA, sound designer, loop musician, story teller and poet. XANA’s performances are always different and of the moment often with audience participation using words from the audience to guide narratives and create a collaborative piece.

We ended the night with music by El Tuma closing off with dancing and celebration.