New Babylon by Sophie Huckfield and Lucy Hutchinson

Exhibition and Installation |

10-14 September


Private View: Tuesday 10 September, 6-9pm

Opening Times: Wednesday 11 – Saturday 14 September, 2 – 7pm

Tour: Saturday 14 September, 4pm

Artist Film Screening: Saturday 14 September, 5-6pm


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New Babylon was the resulting exhibition of Fashion Space Gallery’s 2019 designers-in-residence Sophie Huckfield and Lucy Hutchinson. During the residency they had  been exploring ways in which digital technologies impact healthcare, thinking about how these technologies, their branding, language and funding contribute to the development of healthcare as a commodity.

As a result of their residency they presented an exhibition, future-based curatorial tour and artist film screening.



Huckfield and Hutchinson employed surrealist methodologies to speculate and react against the ‘Black Box’ approach of scientific and technological research. In ‘a world ruled by fictions of every kind’ (JG Ballard) they aimed to explore how storytelling can be used to not only speculate but to empower and actively shape reality. Hijacking contemporary trends employed by the creative industries, they had developed a range of works, from 3D printed rocks composed of personalised health data, a video and sound work of ‘cut-up’ language, found footage and CGI animation which explores the mining of the body and the commodification of healthcare via contemporary health apps such as Babylon, Capsule Cares and DeepMind. Alongside aluminium prints mimicking traditional imagery of geographical mining sites and rock samples, using CT scans and microscopic imagery of the body as sites for extraction.


Tour and Artist Film Screening

On the 14 September 2065, creative collaborators Sophie Huckfield and Lucy Hutchinson hosted a tour of their exhibition ‘New Babylon’. This historic exhibition creatively examined criminal data mining, focusing on the period 2017-2020. They investigated the use of healthcare data as a social, political and economic power before the end of capitalism in 2030. Taking the form of a data production line, the exhibition reinterpreted the excavation, mining, and resulting products of the healthcare data industry before its steady decline in 2030.

The tour was followed by a film screening of selected artist’s films who explored ideas around fiction, speculation, technology, health, the body and ecology during the early 20th Century.

Artists included:

Dasha Loyko: Resist Science Fiction

Emily Mulenga: Data Blood 2.0 and Gym Class

Matt Parker: Fields of Athenry

Aleksandra Stanek: Every Body is Heavy

Ilona Sagar: Correspondence O

Maël Henaff: Towards a Positive Automation