Matthew Herbert

Smell The DJ |

Smell Like A DJ: A live show where particular pieces of music are tied to particular smells. The origins of the music itself will come from various men’s aftershaves, that use as their symbolism, ultra violent images and objects (hand grenade – Viktor & Rolf, barrel of a gun – Azzaro, Trump’s Success fragrance). The plan is to make 3 x 12”s with music made from 9 of these scents with scratch & sniff covers. Matthew would also like to produce his own brand of perfume called Smell Like A DJ which is the real smell of clubs: red bull, sweat, second hand smoke, smoke machines etc. This is a collaboration with MSc Cosmetic Science course and MA Costume for Performance involving both alumni as well as current staff and students. It will also engage the technical team in the Digital Learning Lab for any packaging prototyping required.

This event is curated by Polona Dolžan, Assistant Curator, Fashion Space Gallery