Hybrid Bodies

Workshop |

Monday 13 August, 6-8pm


Run by UAL researchers Maria Dada and Gareth Foote, the “Hybrid Bodies” workshop set out to explore the ways digital technologies manifest themselves in relation to bodies and their economic or bio-economic sustainability in an attempt to speculate on potential applications and transgressions. Every person’s body is unique to them. At the moment there are deep learning algorithms that can identify a person through their body from video surveillance footage. The algorithms extract a person’s ‘body signature’ from the videos. The body signature is akin to a handwriting signature in the way it can be pinned to a particular person.

During the workshop, with the use of some open source tools, participants investigated what these deep learning algorithms see and how they detect the body signature. The aim will be to design the means to augment the body, to create hybrid bodies, that ridicule, queer and deceive such video recognition software. Participants could be designers, coders, theorists, artists or any curious person.