Dear love affair

Workshop |

Tuesday 11 September, 6-9pm


This workshop explored auto-generative methods of critique and poetic modes of resistance present within the translation and permutation of digital fashion images into text. 

Employing content-based image retrieval algorithms alongside the tools of conceptual poetry and e-literature, participants explored methods of co-authorship, collaboration and conflict between human, image, algorithm and text; transforming existing fashion advertisements into alternative narratives which bypass the consumer logic of the fashion image and reveal an endless mutation of experiences and engagements with the visual.

Cut-and-paste love letters to desire from the bastard offspring of Gucci and Google. 

Dear love affair, king Kong and Fay Wray,
Say you recognise that everything is nothing special,
Like living your life behind a wall of budget dinosaurs trying to express love.

‘Dear love affair’ was part of Arcade East’s summer programme, which focused on Sustainability and Innovation. Ranging from Toolkit for the Future, a day of speculative design workshops in collaboration with the V&A’s The Future Starts Here exhibition programme, to a series of events during the London Design Festival in September including OPEN SESAME, an installation by 2017 Fashion Space Gallery Design resident Charlotte Maeva Perret, it focused on challenging notions around design processes and the workings of the fashion system.