• Bart Hess - Work With Me People

  • Inga Powilleit Photography / Stedelijk Museum ’s-Hertogenbosch

  • Work With Me People at Arcade East, London

  • Work With Me People at Arcade East, London

  • Work With Me People at Arcade East, London

  • Work With Me People at Arcade East, London

Bart Hess

Work With Me People |

Exhibition dates

25 – 29 July 

08 – 12 August

14 – 20 September 

2 – 6 PM

(please note this exhibition is closed on Sundays and Mondays)

Work With Me People – Bart Hess

The installation Work With Me People, first shown during Dutch Design Week in 2012, allows visitors become part of the production process of Bart Hess’ textiles. A play on production sweatshops, visitors are instructed to perform simple, repetitive acts. In this version, dripping liquid latex onto a stretched latex surface. Directions are given through headphones installed on each of the three futuristic workstations at Arcade East. Despite the rigid appearance of the sweatshop production line, the interactive installation aims to highlight the importance and beauty of the discrepancies between the workmanship of each participant in achieving the organic look of Hess’ textiles. Once the latex has dried, the sheet is released and shrinks to its original size, causing the drops to move closer together and creating a tight skin of rubber bubbles that have the appearance of animal skin.


Bart Hess’ work is deeply embedded in an interest in the relationship between the body and textiles. Whilst studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven, he created A Hunt for High Tech, a collection of materials that mimicked the skin of imaginary hybrid animal species. Over the past ten years, Hess has created numerous other works dealing exploring the boundaries of the body and has collaborated with Lucy McRae, Nick Knight, Lady Gaga, Iris van Herpen and Walter van Beirendonck.


This automated new version of Work With Me People was developed during Bart Hess’ appointment as a Creative Fellow at the London College of Fashion (LCF) and can also be viewed at his retrospective Future Bodies at the Stedelijk Museum in s’Hertogenbosch until 1 October 2017.


Work With Me People, installation and performance, 2012 – 2017

Artist: Bart Hess

Soundscape: Michiel Jansen