• Satellogy: A map for future use - The Open Space Observatory

A Toolkit for the Future: Satellogy: A map for future use

Workshop |

Saturday, 30 June

Arcade East



The Open Space Observatory is an initiative for gatherings and infrastructure for the observation of satellites, spacecraft, and space junk. Satellites encircle our skies and critically support our infrastructure. While we’ve read the position of the stars for centuries, satellites and their relation to one another has remained more opaque.

In the Satellogy workshop hosted by Kei Kreutler, Louis Center & Cory Levinson of Open Space Observatory, participants explored and invented different methodologies to read the history behind satellites, writing speculative fictions and producing a collaborative wiki of satellite constellations and their rumoured origins.

This workshop was part of A Toolkit for the Future – a conference at the V&A followed by day of speculative design workshops at LCF’s project space Arcade East. The project was curated in collaboration with the V&A’s The Future Starts Here exhibition curator Mariana Pestana.